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Introducing the New Real Estate Model in Mexico

Learn about the cloud-based brokerage model changing the direction of the real estate business in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and now Mexico! We are excited to be part of one of the fastest growing real estate companies in history. Come be on the forefront in Mexico and help us build it!

eXp Mexico at-a-Glance

Business Model

  • Join Fee (One Time Payment) - 1,000 Mexican Pesos
  • Monthly Cloud Fee - 1,000 Mexican Pesos
  • 75% Agent Commission and 25% Company Commission Split
  • 5% Transaction Fee (minimum transaction fee is 500 Mexican Pesos and maximum transaction fee is 15,000 Mexican Pesos)
  • 250,000 Mexican Peso Cap based on Company Pesos Earned per Agent on an Annualized Basis
  • 100% Agent Commission when Agent Caps in Year Cycle with 0% to Company with 5% transaction fee
  • eXp Equity Opportunities (Agents can become shareholders at eXp Realty - NASDAQ: EXPI)
    - First Transaction: 2,500 Mexican Pesos
    - CAP: 5,000 Mexican Pesos
    - First transaction of directly sponsored agent: 5,000 Mexican Pesos
    - Additional stock bonuses when you hit "Icon Status"
  • eXp Revenue Share Opportunity (Optional for you to take advantage of after you have personally experienced the eXp technology, tools, training, support & community focused 100% on helping you sell more real estate)

Note: Your eXp sponsor on the Global Realty Team can assist you with the join process and answer FAQs.